Netccentric Opens Live Commerce ‘Blue Ocean’ With Shopify Integration

Malaysian-based social commerce platform provider Netccentric Ltd, via its Netccentric subsidiary Nuffnang Live Commerce, has successfully completed integrating with Shopify, allowing more than a million Shopify merchants to sell their products via live video streaming.

Launched in 2020, Nuffnang Live Commerce is a platform for merchants to convert social media comments into sales with an automated back-end solution designed for livestream selling. The platform provides a seamless shopping experience, moving viewers from awareness to purchase instantaneously by using their devices to immediately purchase promoted products ‘as seen’ in the live video stream.

“Nuffnang Live Commerce basically automates live commerce transactions on Facebook. For example, in Asia, people show and sell seafood on Facebook Live, and when people want to buy the seafood, they put ‘+1’ in a private message to buy,” Netccentric executive chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah told Business Today  in an exclusive interview.

“We automate the transaction from that point onwards by giving an option for people to pay via an online payment gateway which is linked to our warehouse, which then picks, packs, and delivers the product,”said 

The Canada-based Shopify Inc. is an e-commerce company that powers more than 1 million businesses across 175 countries, generating US$2.93 billion in revenue in FY2020 from US$120 billion in gross merchandise volume.

“After a sustained period of platform development in 2020, we are now exposing Nuffnang Live Commerce to as many merchants, brands, and businesses as quickly as possible. With the Nuffnang Live Commerce Shopify integration, we are making it easier for merchants on the Shopify platform to leverage live social video selling in a way that is quick to get started with an easy and seamless integration,” Ganesh said.

The integration with Shopify will provide merchants with an automated approach for capturing new orders, customer details and crucial information from live streaming selling sessions, immediately syncing this information back to Shopify’s backend upon completion of payment by customers.

“What the Shopify integration enables is for Shopify merchants to use that to sell products on Facebook Live. The way the system works is that if you are a Shopify merchant, and you sell products on Facebook, we charge a transaction fee.”

In the future, Ganesh expects to implement a ‘freemium’ model similar to that of Skype, where merchants pay a subscription fee to use additional features. Shopify merchants should also soon gain the ability to select products from their Shopify catalogue and directly sell through live streaming.

Nuffnang Live Commerce’s greatest growth potential comes from its core market of Southeast Asia, one of the fastest-growing digital economies in the world, and this is also where live commerce is growing.

“Live commerce is one of the newest innovations in the e-commerce space. I think the future is all about how all of these channels will be integrated with each other – live commerce, marketplaces, social commerce, agents; these are all new trends that are growing.”

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