Secondlifeasia Looks To Provide Efficient Solutions In The Least Time-Consuming Manner

It’s common knowledge that iOS devices are expensive products used widely by people around the world, not only for communication and work purposes but also due to the rather extensive number of features that help simplify our everyday lives. However, even though these devices are well considered to be the best in the market, and there is always the chance that they could malfunction or end up damaged and in these situations, especially due to their delicate nature.

The fact is, nowadays, repairs for smartphones can be something of a murky area, and all the smartphone users know the feeling. Consumers end up purchasing between RM6000 to $12,000 for a new iPhone or MacBook and a year later after the warranty expires, boom! The phone is damaged, cracked, or the MacBook perhaps becomes buggy due to software issues. While it can be a simple task to find a local service centre, the question remains, whether they are best suited to handle customers’ prized device needs?

When the consumers walk into an Authorized Apple Service Provider with small issues such as keyboard replacements, screen replacements, battery replacements etc, they don’t usually get fixed on the spot/same day. Users can’t quickly exit the store with an all-fixed device that’s ready to go. Moreover, it complicates things when the consumers are forced to wait over a whole week for complete service by these providers. Some service providers will keep the MacBook for almost 7-10 working days which in turn cause inconveniences to the owners  and their  work, especially if the problem in question isn’t severe.

To make matters worse, service providers end up offering replacement parts at hiked up prices. End users are only given two alternatives: i) to repair with OEM parts at a slightly reduced price or ii) to repair with genuine parts with an expensive fee.

It is for this reason that Secondlifeasia was started and emerged as a game-changer in the Apple device repair and maintenance sector.

“Our aim as a company is to provide efficient Apple repair solutions in the fastest, most reliable, less time-consuming manner possible and at the most fair and affordable costs available compared to other service providers,” said Jerome Teh, the co-founder of Secondlifeasia.

“ Genuine proof of that is how we have strived to help bridge the gap with our clients by coming up with convenient and creative solutions such as our iOS  diagnostic app,” he added

Diagnostic App

The best part about this app is it’s a very extensive diagnostic tool. This iOS app has the ability to diagnose wide range of problems that are plaguing the  iPhone and iPad’s. This includes handling Wi-Fi, headset, or other connection issues, camera etc.

  1. Users  can easily assess their  iPhone and iPad too check the 34 critical points  and it’ll help pinpoint the issue they  are experiencing and be easily given a rough budget of the cost it will take to repair beforehand.

Secondlifeasia has an exclusive advantage over others due to their joint venture with its principal to repair and maintain Apple devices with certified factory parts. In fact, using genuine parts and high-quality diagnostic tools, customers can watch Secondlifeasia technicians as they fix the device right in front of them, giving them a peace of mind in the process. Disrupting the current practice in the repair and maintenance sector, Secondlifeasia fixes the devices on the same day! Customers can literally get cracked screen fixed and batteries replaced on the same day.

“Another thing that most other repair services cannot offer you that gives Secondlifeasia a major advantage is a one year warranty for all devices in/from our care,” explained Jerome.

The diagnostic app is also used for keeping track the 365 days warranty which is provided by Secondlifeasia on all their spare parts. The other repair facilities lack water proofing i.e. IP67 and this is also where Secondlifeasia differentiates with their 4S service center cum showcase center located in SS2 Petaling Jaya.

With a team that comes helmed by Jerome, Dato Sri Shazalli Ramly, the former group CEO of Telekom Malaysia and Alan Lee, whose accomplishments include the successful launch of Chatime in Thailand, Secondlifeasia boasts 45 years of experience in telecommunication, retail, and e-commerce industry, and are here, ready and waiting to solve the  iOS related concerns and problems while still keeping the consumers on the move in the process!

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