100 Million 5G Phones In Three Years

Just as how important it is to get vaccines rolled out to every corner of the planet, latest technology is another aspect of importance every person should have. 5G is the next evolution in telecommunication with this technology, people and machines will be able to reach unlimited possibility in their undertakings- unmanned factories, driverless trucks, aerial mobility the list goes on. But first the objective is to get the technology into the palm of every human being!

This project is now under way in a monumental scale and more importantly at a much reduced cost, Chinese mobile giant realme has announced that it will have 100 million 5G phones available for young consumers within 3 years, that’s approximately 35 million units per year. During a summit it orgnised themed “Making 5G Global: Accessibility to all, the company reaffirmed its commitment become a “populariser of 5G” and share its pledge to advance the adoption of 5G in global markets and bring the technology to more users worldwide.

The company aims to lead the industry by introducing a 5G mobile phone at RM500 price point in the next few years, a move that is set to further accelerate 5G adoption, especially across the rapidly emerging economies.

According to Kalvin Bahia, Principal Economist, GSMA Intelligence as of May this year, 60 countries around the world had launched 5G – 12 of them are emerging markets and mostly in Asia. While the growth of 5G coverage is encouraging, a survey by GSMA shows that other barriers remain for widespread adoption of the new technology amongst consumers, such as affordability of the devices, lack of digital literacy and skills, and costs of mobile data. But nevertheless, the transition to 5G is inevitable across the world, and 5G is expected to bring USD 600 billion to the global economy over the next decade.”

To support the global adoption of 5G products, realme will establish seven R&D centers around the world in 2021, dedicated to exploring innovative 5G technologies and products and invest US$300 million globally in 5G technology research and product development, as well as in promoting global 5G popularisation.

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