realme Commits To Empower The Young Generation Through 5G

The realme 5G Summit “Making 5G Global Accessible For All” has highlighted the multiplicative impact of 5G acceleration in enhancing the way younger generation critically developed the technology for smart living and the impact it brings toward the mobile industry.

The new methods to connect with technology, such as virtual and augmented reality, have taken a long time to create but are now moving at a faster pace following the deployment of the 5G network. 

Peter Richardson Vice President and Research Director Counterpoint Research said, “The adoption of 5G has taken off quickly, one of the reasons is the rapid reduction on smartphone prices, than what had been expected. In China, by the end of 2020 we saw competitors had delivered a great products at affordable prices. However, realme has been aggressive in producing compelling device with 5G,  great specification at affordable prices.”

The huge gap in the transition to 5G devices  is the affordability and realme is aiming  to bring the powerful 5G smartphone without compromising the aspect of performance and affordability.

In addition to 5G, other technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing and virtual reality underpin the revolution of how people think, learn and work.

Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of realme India, Madhav Seth said, “Our brand was established during the eve of the 5G era, from the beginning we were thinking what  role and relationship will realme play in the 5G era for the young generation. After long period of thinking and initial assessment realme now firmly believes that 5G will become most important driving force accelerating smart living for young people across the globe.”

In response to 5G acceleration, realme is committed to bring the best market experience to more consumer. The company will launch its GT 5G performance flagship globally in June and the realme GT camera flagship is said to be released in July this year.

Realising its appeal to the younger generation, realme will introduce its 5G communication platform to allow young people to express themselves in a way beyond physical spaces, tapping into digital possibilities in which the 5G imaginaries will allow for more integration between different youth cultures.

Brand director of realme, Johny Chen, said “realme will set up a 5G communication platform for young people, which involves forums allowing the global realme community to discuss the development of 5G among them as well as for feedback and solutions.”

It will also set up more than 10 5G pop-up stores around the world enabling young people to create exclusive spaces where they can enjoy 5G experience with cloud gaming, interactive live broadcasting as well as AR, VR and XR access to explore innovative capabilities and promote the advancement of the 5G ecosystem among young users.

“Realme firmly believes that the greatness of technology lies in the widespread of its adoption, so that everyone is able to use the technology thus maximise its significance. 5G will give more boost and opportunity for the developer, techies and customers worldwide,” Madhav added. 

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