NEXEA’s Corporate Accelerator Program Is Now Accepting Applications Until July 31

The Corporate Accelerator Program by NEXEA, a five-month accelerator programme for Malaysian startups and scaleups, is now available to all Malaysian-based technology businesses and scaleups.

The Corporate Accelerator aims to enable early startups and scaleups to achieve exponential development and designed to help them improve their traction, strategy and other fundamentals of a startup with the guidance of mentors and experts.

This year, NEXEA collaborates with world-class investors and corporates. The programme has been revised to allow more partners and co-organisers participate with aims to build unified startups ecosystem and uplift the community.

Participating startups will get the opportunity to work with corporates via pilot projects, validation of the business model, real-world product testing and securing traction by having said corporates as potential customers.

Additionally, upon joining, the startups will also benefit from the Corporate Accelerator’s multiple investment rounds, starting between RM50,000 to RM250,000 and up to RM1 million each round afterward.

Startups will also benefit with six months of Entrepreneurs Programme included, a programme for startups to learn and grow with their peers and mentors

Ben Lim, Managing Partner of NEXEA, said, “The programme brings together years of experience from ex-entrepreneurs who have expanded, acquired, and even listed their companies – all to share with upcoming entrepreneurs.”

“What’s unique about this program is that the Angel Investors actually mentor the startups with a great growth track record. Corporates will be coming in as well to potentially be a customer, invest or maybe even acquire startups,” he added.

One of NEXEA’s many success stories is Lapasar, a B2B wholesale tech startup that graduated from The Corporate Accelerator Program in 2017, back then known as the Multi Corporate Accelerator Program. Over the last four years, the company has grown 100x and raised a total of RM7.8 million in investment.

Thinesh Kumar, Founder and CEO of Lapasar said, “NEXEA has been on our journey since day one, funding us the first RM50,000 alongside Watchtower when we were merely an idea to provide us clients and follow-on funding. The mentors are people who have gone through the grind so when times are tough, speaking to them calms our nerves and allows us to focus on objective-driven solutions.”

The Corporate Accelerator 2021 applications are open until July 31.

All Malaysian-based technology startups that are interested in improving their business are encouraged to apply. To apply or find out more about the Accelerator, visit the Corporate Accelerator website.

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