60,000 MSMEs Set To Receive Up To RM3,000 In Shopee Benefits

60,000 local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are set to receive up to RM3,000 in Shopee benefits each from the e-commerce platform’s Go-eCommerce Onboarding programme.

The initiative under Belanjawan 2021 aims to encourage the adoption of e-commerce as a trade channel amongst local MSMEs and Malaysian citizens who wish to venture into entrepreneurship. Shopee is also co-funding this initiative Ringgit-to-Ringgit in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

There are two packages that sellers stand to benefit from:

  • Existing Shopee sellers (Registered as a seller on Shopee before 1 July 2021)
  • RM2,500 in Shopee Store Coins Cashback Vouchers
  • Up to RM500 in service fee rebates
  • New Shopee sellers (Registered as a seller on Shopee from 1 July 2021 onwards
  • RM1,500 in Shopee Store Coins Cashback Vouchers
  • Up to RM1,500 in service fee rebates

Both benefits will help encourage Malaysians to buy from new sellers, thus driving their sales especially in the initial stage of their presence on the platform to further encourage growth.

As for existing sellers, it is understood that many have offline retail businesses that are impacted by the pandemic. The benefits will help cushion the impact and keep cash flow moving for them via e-commerce sales.

Go-eCommerce Onboarding is eligible to registered Shopee sellers who are Malaysian citizens or belong in the MSME category as defined by SME Corporation Malaysia. For MSMEs, the company must have more than 50% of its shares held by a local person or entity and total monthly store sales must not exceed RM4 mil to qualify.

The programme was also part of the PENJANA e-commerce initiatives last year known as Micro and SMEs E-commerce Campaign before being rebranded to Go-eCommerce Onboarding. Over 40,000 MSMEs were digitized through the campaign last year. The programme, which took place from July till September 2020, saw participating MSMEs recording a 158% increase in daily sales after receiving the benefits.

The success of the PENJANA Micro and SMEs E-commerce Campaign can be further seen via an impact study that was conducted amongst its recipients:

  • The programme created brand new entrepreneurs where over 74% of the participating sellers only conduct their business online.
  • For 46% of participants, their Shopee income is their sole source of income showing how e-commerce has provided a lifeline to the unemployed during the pandemic.
  • Meanwhile another 45% of participants turned to online entrepreneurship to supplement their income and make ends meet.
  • Within the three-month period, over 20% of the participants also went on to hire full-time and part-time help, proving how the programme has also resulted in job creation.
  • Additionally, more than 60% of the participating sellers are female, showing how the programme drove digital inclusivity.

Shopee encourages sellers who meet the criteria of this campaign to apply as soon as possible, as space is limited. Once the application has been submitted, it will be reviewed and the seller will be notified if he/she qualifies for the campaign.

Interested sellers who meet the criteria can start applying from now until 30 November 2021 at shopee.com.my/goecommerce. Participation is free.

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