Selangor Reaches 55% Vaccination, Herd Immunity Within Distance

Despite the National Vaccination Program losing its leader, the momentum set in early July continues to run smoothly with daily jabs surpassing the 300k target. This acceleration and the Surge Capacity initiative in Klang Valley has also resulted in Selangor leapfrogging in terms of injection rate, the special attention has given a massive boost to the State which now has covered 55% of its adult population having administered both doses.

The latest figures from the Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force website shows a total of 2.61 million individuals or 54.9 per cent of the adult population in Selangor have completed their two doses of the Covid-19 vaccines. This is a stark contrast to where the state was in early July, where vaccination were barely reaching the average national standard. However, the jump in vaccination rate has proven to be effective consequently reducing infection rates as the daily numbers continue to come down.

Based on the current jab rates, Selangor should reach herd immunity by early September with total doses given currently standing at 6.42 million with 3.81 already getting their first jab. On vaccine stocks, unlike some countries, Malaysia is well stocked when the government took initiative to secure inventory from Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Sinovac and Sputnik in advance. The double strategy of public and private sector pursuing vaccination, the ambition to vaccinate as many Malaysians before October could be well met ahead of schedule.

Separately, under Selangor’s vaccination program an additional 304,784 doses have been administered this is on top of the 20% the state receives from the National Vaccination Program daily.

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