RAMSSOL’s Feet’s 2.0 Next Step Forward In Hybrid Workforce HR

Cllement Tan Group Managing Director & CEO of RAMSSOL Group

RAMSSOL Group Bhd (RAMSSOL) a digital human capital management (HCM) solutions provider in Southeast Asia introduces Feet’s 2.0, the next progressive step in creating an inclusive employee engagement platform that addresses the gaps and demands of a multi-generational workforce.

RAMSSOL’s introduction of Feet’s 2.0 adds a layer of productivity to enhance the user experience and cultivate an effective workforce that can adapt to rapidly changing demands. 

Integrating AI-based “Happy Technology” into its core, the mobile-ready employee engagement platform aims to disrupt industry norms and offer a robust, inclusive solution tailored to the needs and wants of today’s organisations. 

For better accessibility and inclusivity in the HR landscape, Feet’s 2.0 is now available for download for free via major app stores. This will allow seamless and flexible collaborations between employers and employees.

RAMSSOL’s Group Managing Director & CEO Cllement Tan says, “Feet’s is a culmination of our years’ worth of research and development, and is a game-changer in creating a comprehensive, cohesive, and unified platform for today’s workforce. 

 “During this period of uncertainty and remote working, mental health and meaningful relationships at the workplace need to be prioritised. We believe that all companies should have the opportunity to revolutionise the HR experience. Hence, we decided to make Feet’s 2.0 available for free to empower companies to enhance employee engagement.”

The improvements have been methodically implemented to create a seamless and comprehensive solution to HCM. Feet’s 2.0 is built around five key features that exemplify RAMSSOL’s commitment to creating next-gen, fit-for-future solutions for corporations, SMEs, and start-ups looking to redefine real-time employer-employee relationships. 

“We extend our heartiest congratulations to RAMSSOL Group on the launch of Feet’s 2.0. It gives us immense pride to see local Malaysians MNCs like RAMSSOL Group putting Malaysia on the map with innovative solutions that will pave the future of how work will be conducted with focus on people, a company’s most valuable asset,” says Raymond Siva, Senior Vice President, Investment and Brand, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation.

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