Berjaya Sompo Introduces Motorsafe

An Innovative Telematics Motor Insurance Plan Designed to Suit Mileage Needs

Berjaya Sompo Introduces Motorsafe
Berjaya Sompo Insurance

Berjaya SOMPO Insurance Berhad (Berjaya Sompo) hit a new milestone today with the launch of SOMPO MotorSafe, an innovative usage-based telematics motor insurance coverage suitable for low mileage drivers with the flexibility of paying according to their mileage.

It has three different mileage plans to suit the usage of each vehicle at an affordable premium, namely: up to 5,000 km, up to 10,000 km and up to 15,000 km. Customers can choose from 3 available mileage plans with a top-up to the next available plan or full-mileage plan if they are about to exceed the chosen mileage.

“At Berjaya Sompo, we seek to provide the best value for our customers’ insurance coverage. With SOMPO Motorsafe, we have designed a policy that allows customers to choose coverage according to their mileage needs at the discounted premium rates while still enjoying comprehensive protection. By using telematics technology, we are able to safeguard our customers’ driving journeys without them having to face any financial difficulties,” Tan Sek Kee, CEO of Berjaya Sompo, says.

Each telematics SOMPO MotorSafe Policy comes with a Bluetooth-enabled, battery-powered SOMPO Tag paired with the SOMPO MotorSafe app which tracks the vehicle’s mileage use as well as provide safety assistance. 

If the car breaks down or during an emergency, the driver simply needs to hold down the button for 2 seconds, and the SOMPO helpline will call the driver to provide assistance, named bCall and eCall respectively. Additionally, the SOMPO Tag is equipped with an Automatic Driver Recognition system which can detect severe crashes via your smartphone. 

To instil good driving practice, the insured driver will also receive real-time friendly “beeping” alerts should he or she text and drive. The SOMPO MotorSafe app also has a feature to remind policyholders to top up their mileage plan.

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