Managing your FB business page effectively doesn’t have to be daunting

Businesses today are marketing on Facebook (FB) for the massive and affordable reach it provides. Nonetheless, managing your FB business page is not something you can do on and off if you want to spread awareness for your brand, which can appear daunting at times. However, with these trending and easy to follow tips, managing your business on FB will become second nature in no time.

BusinessToday spoke to Krista Goon, co-founder of Redbox Studio, a web development and marketing communications consultancy about how business owners can market and manage their business effectively using only very simple yet profoundly impactful strategies on FB.

Krista recently gave a talk about engaging audiences with FB posts and more during the free Women Netpreneur Training organized by Gorgeous Geeks in collaboration with  SME Corporation, on 2 September 2021.

“In the end, you need to drive traffic to your website or e-commerce platform to buy your product, so FB is that place to engage people in order to lead them to your sales page.”

Krista Goon’s talk with Women Netpreneur Training Program 2021 as advertised on her FB page

Krista is a warm and friendly Penangite, and passionate livestreamer who hosts fortnightly FB Live sessions called RedBox Studio FB Live Series where she talks to entrepreneurs and social enterprises making an impact in the Malaysian business ecosystem. She is also the creator of her own podcast, called Womenpreneur Asia, a podcast for women entrepreneurs and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

She also co-founded WomenBizSENSE, Penang’s most active women entrepreneur organisation. She is currently its advisor after being its president for 4 consecutive years. In 2008, she was one of the 18 Malaysian women nominated for the Great Women of Our Time Awards.

Krista stresses the impact of live streaming on audience engagement. Livestreaming can be done on various platforms, such as Streamyard, Zoom, IG Live and FB Live. She says that influencers have been successfully making use of this type of audience engagement and businesses are increasingly modeling the success seen using this approach.

Livestreaming is definitely going to be the latest way everyone will be exhibiting content in the future which is already making huge waves with so many emerging live streaming channels and platforms present today.

One can try out the FB Live option to experiment with this by starting a conversation and sharing your message to your audience with real visual presence and connecting to people in a human way.

“So you can try it out in baby steps and try short ones (livestreaming videos), maybe five minutes of live streaming , or 10 minutes, then you can have the courage to take it further and do something that’s related to your business or your product, that would definitely help.”

She says whether it is posting a status on FB or sharing values and your core message via FB Live, quality posts do matter, timing is key, focus on educating besides lead generation, make visuals and live videos a priority and check your data via FB analytics. But most importantly, she says to be more human and real in your message.

Another point she makes about managing posts is by scheduling them. Scheduling posts does so much to help one become more consistent and organized. There are various sites that can help with this, including,,, and of course, FB Business Suite.

Regularly maintain your site with these practices and you will see a higher reach, more engagement and a rise in your distribution score, which is the frequency of your content appearing organically across the platform.

However, start easy at first and take baby steps, as she advises:

“Try three easy things first that you can do for yourself and your business today,” she urges.

 First, share an image of the product or yourself or an image behind the scenes to pique curiosity; second,  ask a question on your FB posts relating to the topic or product but don’t make it so obvious that you are selling anything, and third, share an interesting post that you see on your friends timeline, or even something that you find very interesting to you. And then you can share that on your Facebook page.  

“I think a lot of people don’t share other people’s posts. That creates a lot of stress sometimes to keep on having the pressure to create new content.”

Her last reminder is gold: “Make it simple, memorable, and make it fun to look at – keep these in mind to engage your audience.”

Sometimes all we have to do is go back to basics and just reach out to others in a way that interests us as well.

To learn more about marketing yourself online, you can reach Krista on her website for educational links on how to plan your website before hiring a web designer and how to communicate and market yourself better to build your digital presence.

To learn how you can attend the Women Netpreneur Training 2021, click on this link to register for more info :

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