Malaysia Remains Attractive To Digital Global Titans

Raymond Siva, Senior Vice President of Investment and Brand, MDEC

During the Digital Investments Week of Malaysia Tech Month 2021 (MTM’21), global technology titans from the Digital Global Business Services (DGBS) industry reiterated their confidence in Malaysia as an attractive investment hub.

The DGBS industry has grown along with Malaysia’s digital transformation. In the mid-2000s, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) began placing emphasis into the shared services and outsourcing (SSO) industry, a precursor to GBS. In 2006, Outsourcing Malaysia (OM) was formed to promote Malaysia as a GBS hub.

“MDEC recently launched the ‘Digital Investments Future5 (DIF5) Strategy’, a five-year plan focusing on five key thrusts aimed at attracting investments and advancing Malaysia’s digital economy in line with the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL).

“Besides targeting the creation of 50,000 high-value jobs, DIF5 places focus on 5 industry sectors and plans attract 50 Fortune500 tech companies to land and expand in Malaysia, with the DGBS industry being one of the focus industries,” says Raymond Siva, Senior Vice President of Investment and Brand, MDEC.

Kim Chin Kuang, Division Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of GBS Finance, Jabil, says that Malaysia is “still performing really well, from its financial attractiveness, conducive business environment due to the friendly and supportive government; and vibrant lifestyle that is able to retain our key talent.”

Digital Investments Week was part of Malaysia Tech Month 2021, a virtual and month-long curation of digital and technology events. Contents of webinars and talks which took place throughout MTM’21 are still available for viewing until 30 September at this site: Registration is free.

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