What Can We Expect From WatchOS 8 on Apple Watch?

Get ready for some exciting new features with the release of watchOS8 on Apple Watch. There will be new workout options, messaging tools and some hints of what to expect ahead of the Apple Watch Series 7.

With the recent announcement of the iPhone 13 and a new range of iPad, Apple has plenty in store for iOS users, starting with the latest Apple Watch update.

watchOS 8 is all about keeping healthy, in mind and body. Now more than ever, maintaining good health is the priority for everyone since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your well-being doesn’t just refer to physical exercise; it also has to do with keeping your mental health in check. With the latest watchOS 8 on the Apple Watch, you can do it all from your wrist.

The new watchOS 8 helps you stay connected and keep active like never before.

One of the new features is the new Portraits watch face that can use any portrait mode photo taken on the iPhone. In order to do that, you got to first, open the Watch app on the iPhone and then navigate to the Face Gallery. Find the Portraits watch face and tap Add to find portrait photos you want to display on the watch. 

watchOS 8 is also bringing new versions of some of its standard apps. For example, it’s now possible to quickly browse, add, or edit contacts. The Weather app now has a new icon and supports severe weather notifications.

For the Photos app, it’s now possible to see memories, a new mosaic grid view, and share photos via Messages and Mail with just a few taps. without using your iPhone.

There is also the Breath app which is now called Mindfulness, so rather than just taking a minute to relax, users can take a moment to reflect and think of a recent experience they truly enjoyed.

Tracking your sleep in the Health app is not a new concept, but what the new watchOS 8 has in store is that along with the data, you can now track trends for even more health metrics to better see changes in your health over time. Now you can keep track your sleeping respiratory rate by calculating your breaths per minute as you sleep.

Speaking of well-being, Apple is bringing two new workouts: Pilates and Tai Chi, which are a great addition amid the pandemic.

All the well-being features Apple keeps adding turns your watch into a more personal and useful watch to own. With redesigned watch faces for the Apple Watch Series 7, and an all-new Portraits watch face, you can stay healthy, informed, and ready for your day.

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