Selangor Working With Perak For 5 Million Tourist Visits Next Year

Two oppsition ruling states have come together in camaraderia post pandemic to revive each other states tourism economy, Selangor and Perak both bordering each is working on strategies to woo domestic tourism for their respective states.

Selangor Tourism Director, said the collaboration involved the sharing of data, ideas, promotional materials as well as the installation of tourism billboards that will promote each states popular destination. Syed Mohd Fariz Syed Mansor explained that the joint venture has a win-win concept, taking into account Perak which is located next to the state, thus facilitating the work.

“We will go to the state this year to promote Selangor tourism and after that receive a return visit from Perak to this state. We want to sit with Tourism Perak to realise the target, ”he added.

With international borders still closed and overseas tourist are still mulling to travel again, countries are resorting to draw domestic visitors to spur the tourism industry for the time being. Selangor is expects two million individuals to travel tothe state in the remaining three months before 2021 closes the curtain.

Interstate traveling has resumed since eary October when the coutry reached the 90% inoculation level, this has encouraged states to reopen all their theme parks and vacation spots in welcoming vaccinated visitors. 

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