Tricubes Self Service Channel Offers 24 hours Account Opening Facility

Tricubes designs new aesthetic self-service kiosksf or a foreign bank in Malaysia

Backed by 23 years of experience in providing Identity Authentication Solutions to the Malaysian Banking industry, Tricubes Berhadhave successfully tapped into its biometrics expertise to assist banks to expand their self-service channels to allow customers to complete the opening of new accounts at their own convenience. One of the earliest requirements for this solution comes from one of the world’s leading bank, which has a strong presence in United Kingdom, Europe & Hong Kong.

Based on its slim and aesthetic design, the said self-service kiosk is specifically designed to provide bank customers with improved user experiences and interfaces. The kiosk allows bank customers to complete the process of opening a personal account by just validating their MyKad via fingerprint biometrics verification.

TricubesNCR JV (a subsidiary of Tricubes Berhad)’ CEO, Ahmad Azhar Kamarulzaman, said: “Banks are always keen to adopt new technologies in order to improve its customer experience. In our client’s case, it intends to eliminate the inconvenience faced by customers who have to take time off from work to open a bank account.” Additionally, the kiosk will help to improve and enhance customers’ experience whilst the bank increases its clientele base. 

He cited long queues at most bank counters should be eliminated, especially during pandemic times. “In providing this solution, it reduces the need for customers to walk in and wait for the availability of a bank officer during operating hours just to open a bank account,” he adds.

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Tricubes incorporated several solutions when designing and delivering the self-service kiosks. The Windows-based Industrial Panel PC application was developed using the latest MS Windows platform. It supports both Windows 7 and Windows 10 and is integrated with Tricubes’ Sekure5 – a biometrics MyKad Reader – in order to complete the verification process.

“This also ensures that the application is able to communicate with current and future external hardware and peripherals,” Azhar said.

The Windows Panel PC-based solution is also required to communicate with a bank’s back-end system to validate their customers’ MyKad information with information that’s captured on the bank’s website.

“Tricubes’ Mobile-to-Enterprise (M2E) is used to monitor and measure the performance of the kiosk to ensure that the kiosk is always up and running,” he said, referring to the centralized monitoring software module within M2E.

Taking into account the possible wear-and-tear of the self-service kiosk, Azhar said Tricubes design a robust product that consists of steel construction, powder-coated finishing and customizable mounting brackets. This will ensure that the kiosks remain tough, anti-rust and modular for future enhancement.

“We also considered and delivered a design that is ergonomic, while keeping the kiosk slim and compact. Our clients have found that the kiosk is easy to maintain because of an additional door at the front-end of the kiosk,” he added.

These new kiosks are also equipped with cooling fans, thermostats and ventilation space to ensure that it runs smoothly thru maintaining a conducive operating temperature.

The implementation of these self-service kiosks enables customers to register for a new account via a bank’s online portal prior to walking into its branch premises. At the bank branch, the customer will only need to complete the MyKad verification process at the kiosk before the next course of action of opening a new account applies.

“By delivering this solution, we believe Tricubes has enhanced the customers’ experience as well as increase a bank’s clientele base. We are grateful for having been entrusted to come up with this solution and take pride in being able to tap into our extensive experience, particularly in the area of biometrics,” Azhar said.

Tricubes is recognized as a key player in providing technological solutions to governments and businesses in Malaysia and in the region. The firm’s software and services are designed and developed to fulfil the needs of three key solutions areas – EnterpriseMobilitySolutions(EMS), Identity AuthenticationSolutions (IAS)and IT Maintenance Services (ITMS). Tricubes is also one of Malaysia’s market leaders in biometrics with over 60,000 smartcard and biometrics verification devices installed.

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