Price Of Goods To Stabilise By January

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs expects the price of daily necessities to return to full stability by next January.

Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Rosol Wahid said the monitoring and inspection carried out by his team found that the price of goods began to stabilise with vegetables showing price declines.

Datuk Rosol added that the prices are normalising due to weather in the vegetable growing region is improving and were among the factors for the price decline. This was futher supported by the program initiatied by the Ministry that offers daily necessities at 20% lower than market price with the inclusion of importing frozen chicken is driving the food industry to reduce their price in order to stay competitive. 

Malaysians have been complaining prices of daly goods sckyrocketing ever since the Recovery Phase started, the border openign and inflation is causing chaos in the supply chain leading to massive jump goods prices. 

The Deputy Minister has advised people to buy items at the various stores appointed under the program,  he said the program, which was planned to be implemented twice a month, received encouraging response from the public as they wanted to buy goods at a cheaper price than the market price.

"Until now, a total of 28,000 visitors attended the program to buy daily necessities sold, including chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, cooking oil, sugar, flour and rice," he added.

He said the implementation of PJKM conducted by KPDNHEP was held as a government initiative to help alleviate the cost of living of the people, especially among those with low incomes and to address the situation of rising prices of goods.

"This program is implemented in all 222 parliamentary constituencies nationwide until March next year, and if there is a need after that we may continue but if the price of daily necessities has returned, we will make continuous monitoring to ensure no party takes the opportunity to increase prices he concluded.

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