Shopzpin To Safeguard Malaysians By Diversifying Application Of Smart Ordering Systems

Only one in three businesses in Malaysia have implemented digital transformations strategies. This is an alarming finding especially in this endemic phase, where digital tools that enable a safe and effective contactless environment are critical to restarting the economy whilst simultaneously keeping citizens safe. 

Recognising the importance of this contactless environment, Shopzpin – a digital transformation company, has developed an intuitive and highly flexible smart ordering system that will be vital in creating a comprehensive contactless environment by making digitalisation more affordable and accessible to businesses.

“Over the past year, we have studied the market and retail operators to truly understand the market’s requirements and what can be done to further unlock this potential. What we have realised is that ease of use and customisation are the two most critical factors – especially within the F&B industry. Many businesses have been hesitant to digitalise simply because of how complicated it seems. Meanwhile, others have not fully embraced the technology due to the many limitations present in current product offerings. This is where I believe that we at Shopzpin can make a big difference” said Johnson Lee, the founder of Shopzpin. 

Shopzpin’s smart ordering system is well suited for F&B business owners as it provides them with a fully-featured ordering and digital store system that allows them to highly customise various aspects of their presentation, messaging, information and menu options. This includes fully branded menus with product pricing, descriptions and photos. 

With adjustable details across outlets, Shopzpin’s system caters effectively to the requirements of chain restaurants and retailers. Through this feature, store owners are able to manage different menus and operating hours across various outlets. The system also provides merchants with a built-in personalised landing page that acts like a mini-website allowing merchants to display additional items and information like promos, vouchers and even job listings.

“Whether it is ordering in-store or online, businesses nowadays want something that best represents their brand because they understand that this is now how most customers interact with them. A boring or highly rigid online store and menu send the wrong message and can also be confusing or frustrating for customers when they order. At Shopzpin, we understand this and that is why we give our merchants high levels of customizability to put their best foot forward. To tie it all together, we also offer personalised and hands-on customer service and on-boarding something that many of our competitors lack,” added Johnson.

Shopzpin also allows merchants to gather and analyse consumer data through a membership programme functionality. This then translates to more effective and targeted marketing campaigns in the future for businesses. 

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