TNB Allocates RM44 Million For Aftermath, 419 Substation Still Inactive

Tenaga Nasional Berhad is mobilising more than 2,000 of its employees and also setting aside RM44 million for restoration and recovery efforts in addressing the aftermath of the recent floods.

The utility giant will be providing basic necessities and distribution of electricity supply using mobile generator sets including at Temporary Evacuation Centers (PPS), including restoring all the damaged substations. Those who have been affected by the power cut and are anxious about having it resume will have to first ensure that their houses are ready to receive electricity supply.

Tenaga states that the wiring and electrical equipment that are submerged in water may be affected and need to be cleaned and inspected first to avoid any untoward incidents. Fuses or circuit breakers need to be cleaned of dirt and replaced with new ones if necessary. While the outlet sockets that have been submerged in water must be in a dry and clean condition to be safe to use.

On the allocation, CEO Datuk Ir. Baharin Din said, an additional RM4 million from the RM44 million allocation is for financial assistance that will be distributed through the GLC/GLIC Disaster Response Network (GDRN) Fund and distribution by the TNB Prihatin Citizens Fund. After, surveying the situation in Hulu Langat, he reminded the public that the electricity supply could only be reconnected when TNB’s installations including electrical substations and meters at consumers’ premises were dry and safe. To date, 419 out of a total of 853 power substations temporarily suspended in Kelantan, Pahang, Selangor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, and Kuala Lumpur have been restored due to low tide in several districts in the states. “However, there are situations where the floods have receded at consumers’ premises, but the power substation in the area is still flooded and still suspended.

This situation does not allow Tenaga to reconnect supply to the area, ”said Baharin. A total of 232 sets of generators are on standby to be moved to areas affected by the floods if the supply cannot be provided through the grid system.

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