VENTURETECH Names Ahmad Redzuan Sidek As Deputy CEO


VentureTECH today announced the appointment of Ahmad Redzuan Sidek as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

With effect from January 2022, Ahmad Redzuan who has served the company for eight years will be responsible for driving and materialising VentureTECH’s long-term strategic plans and goals to further develop the Bumiputera industry as mandated by the Government. He will also continue to assume his current position as the Chief Investment Officer.

He has a combined experience of more than 19 years within the investment and corporate strategy realm, which has allowed him to build his strength on the grounds of private equity. Prior to VentureTECH, Ahmad Redzuan served Malaysia’s largest fund management company, Permodalan Nasional Berhad.

VentureTECH’s Managing Director, Dr. Norida Abd. Rahman expressed, “On behalf of ourcBoard of Directors, I am confident that Ahmad Redzuan can put his extensive experience in the private equity scene to drive VentureTECH’s growth, especially to materialise the company’s plan to mark a regional footprint as well as establishing fundraising as part of our diversification and growth strategy.

“He has been playing an instrumental role to help grow the company by fuelling various

quality investments which has resulted in multi-fold growth for both VentureTECH and its portfolio of investee companies in the three industries within our radar – bio-based industry, emerging technology industry and green technology industry.”

Some of VentureTECH’s investee companies include Aerodyne Group, Ain Medicare Sdn Bhd, CMC Group, Selia -Tek Medical Sdn Bhd, Prestigious Discovery Sdn Bhd, Kiwitech Sdn Bhd, TXMR Sdn Bhd, Gas Pantai Timur Sdn Bhd and many others.

On his appointment, Ahmad Redzuan said, “I am both humbled and excited to be serving as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, especially in the current challenging yet exciting recovery phase, which presents a wealth of growth opportunities.

“I am extremely eager to further grow our investees as well as being on the lookout for any opportunities that come our way, as I am very optimistic Malaysia’s next growth phase will be very interesting owing to the disruption caused by the pandemic which has created a space vast enough for businesses to grow and newcomers to make their debut.”

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