DIA2022 Organized In Segamat

The Food Industry Dialogue Tour Program 2022 (DIA2022) this time was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) through the Department of Agriculture Malaysia in the district of Segamat, Johor. The program aims to obtain input, ideas, views and suggestions from crop sub -sector players through a live engagement session with the top management of MAFI led by the Honorable Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Datuk Seri Dr. Ronald Kiandee.

In this program, the Honorable Minister of MAFI presented the Malaysian Certificate of Good Agricultural Practice (myGAP) for the crop subsector to 18 farmers from Segamat District and fishing equipment licenses to 10 inland fishermen. Also presented were MAFI Prihatin’s donations in the form of food baskets and donations from the industry worth RM52,500 to 150 victims affected by the floods in Segamat District.

The DIA2022 Tour is a targeted program planned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) with the theme ‘Modernization and Productivity to Ensure Food Security’ following the success of the Agro -Food Industry Dialogue Program on 10 February 2022 at the MAFI Multipurpose Hall. The program directly involves industry players in the agro -food sector covering the paddy, crops, livestock, fisheries subsectors and the entire agro -food chain including ministries, departments and other agencies with an interest in the agro -food sector.

This dialogue was held to obtain views and suggestions in driving the direction of the agro-food sector, especially related to food security in line with current needs towards the modernization of the agricultural sector and food security under the National Agro-Food Policy 2021-2030 (DAN 2.0).

Dr Ronald said such dialogue sessions were held series and continuously at the state level to further strengthen the National Food Security agenda through the ideas, views and suggestions of industry players in driving the direction of the agro-food sector, especially food security in line with current needs.

“Suggestions and input from industry players are refined in improving policies and action plans in line with the Ministry’s role to transform the agricultural sector towards a more modern, dynamic and competitive while improving the quality-of-service delivery to target groups,” he explained.

Dr Ronald added, MAFI is always concerned about the needs of the target group and continues to take the initiative to implement such dialogue sessions to feel the pulse of industry players so that whatever policies, programs, and interventions formulated by the Ministry are holistic in empowering the country’s agro -food sector as well as providing abundant benefits. agricultural economy to the target group in general.

Dr Ronald said Johor was a major producer of fruits and vegetables which were not only for domestic consumption, but also exported to Singapore.

“In line with the state’s agricultural direction which wants to make Johor a Malaysian Food Basket and develop a competitive agro -food industry, MAFI will always support and assist the agro -food industry in the state to remain sustainable and competitive,” he added.

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