Pan Malaysia Completes Acquisition Of A&W Malaysia From Inter Mark

Pan Malaysia Corporation Berhad has completed the 51% acquisition of the total share issued for RM21 million from Inter Mark, the current franchise holder of the fast-food chain.

Inter Mark acquired the franchise from KUB back in 2019, George Ang the man behind the company vowed to revive the oldest fast-food brand in the country and open more outlets within the next few years.

The new owner is part of MUI Group and also operates Network Food which produces chocolate food products.

A&W has been struggling to recapture its glory days when the root beer and coney dog were the go-to comfort food for many Malaysians. Introduced in 1963, the A&W franchise was brought into Malaysia by Mr and Mrs Lie Boff from USA. The Lie Boff family opened their first outlet in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman making it the first fast food outlet in Malaysia. This was followed in 1965 with the first Drive-in restaurant in Petaling Jaya next to Shah Village Motel.

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