Gogopasar And KOPENAS Partner To Drive Digitalisation For School Cooperatives In Malacca

Gogopasar, an end-to-end innovative agribusiness supply chain and e-commerce platform, is driving digitalisation in the state of Malacca in collaboration with Koperasi Perkhidmatan Pelajaran Nasional (KOPENAS) through the School Transformation Electronic Platform (STEP).

“Gogopasar’s e-commerce model serves KOPENAS’s vision to digitalise operations within the school cooperative sector in Malacca for participating schools. We are the primary grocery partner and have recently set up a distribution centre in Ayer Keroh, Malacca for this purpose. Gogopasar aims for this venture to provide an avenue to ease the burden of parents who can now have a one-stop platform for their children’s education and family needs such as affordable online delivery for groceries and more,” says Lynn Alias, CEO of Gogopasar at the official launch ceremony of the ‘Melaka Go Digital- Digital Economic Collaboration’ in Ayer Keroh, Malacca, today.

A subsidiary of FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV) under their latest integrated farming segment known as FGV Integrated Farming Holdings Sdn Bhd (FGVIF), Gogopasar is part of FGVIF’s digitalization strategy. As FGV’s first innovative e-grocery supply chain platform with a unique and proven business model, Gogopasar stands out from the crowd as the only end-to-end last mile delivery digital startup in the Klang Valley.

“Starting at the school cooperative level, I strongly believe that this digital economic collaboration will further accelerate digital transformation not only in Malacca but eventually across all states in Malaysia, helping communities keep up with the advent of technology sweeping the entire world. In alignment with our nation’s digital transformation goals as well, Gogopasar aims to expand our end-to-end farm fresh delivery nationwide by 2024,” she says.

Another aspect of Gogopasar’s unique offering is their Gogopreneur Programme which offers community upskilling in e-commerce and digital marketing, not only helping those struggling within the community but also cutting out the middlemen in the supply chain. This is how Gogopasar is able to offer customers competitive grocery prices and improve consumer experience, all the while impacting society positively by encouraging people to generate income via a zero capex online business.

During the launch, local nasyid group, Rabbani, was appointed as Gogopreneur ambassadors to inspire the community to adopt digitalisation in business. Rabbani will also encourage more people to attend Gogopreneur Training and upskill themselves in e-commerce entrepreneurship.

“This is a valuable and worthy business opportunity to help me delve more into e-commerce. I believe the benefits of becoming part of Gogopasar as a Gogopreneur will prove to be an exciting endeavour for my own digital transformation journey,” says Ustaz Azadan, member of Rabbani.

Strategic partner KOPENAS is a credit cooperative organisation made up of staff from the ministry of education which has been offering various types of funding for school cooperatives since 1984. KOPENAS engaged VX Sdn Bhd, a digital technology solutions provider, which created and developed the STEP, a user-friendly e-commerce platform to cater to the needs of school students and parents to facilitate online communication with their schools such as exhibiting test scores, school schedules, and other announcements for parents and students to be informed.

“The world of technology is growing rapidly. Digitalisation initiatives can offer unlimited potential to school cooperatives to increase competitiveness in the modern world and allow them to dynamically grow their business. The use of online applications using digital marketing helps to advance cooperatives’ reach as well as professional development in terms of organisation, policy matters, and operational efficiency to benefit both cooperatives and consumers.

“The digitalisation of school cooperatives through the STEP program can help market the products of these cooperatives themselves not only to members but also to parents and the local community. In addition, using technology will increase the efficiency of cooperative governance, transforming conventional business methods towards more efficient and data-driven digitalisation methods. KOPENAS believes that the role of school cooperatives can strengthen the economy in line with the goals of Industrial Revolution 4.0,” says Tuan Haji Jumat Mat Lani, Chairman of KOPENAS.

The STEP provides various payment gateways that support educational payment requirements and also the added benefit of shopping for essentials such as groceries and school supplies online at very affordable prices. It is a way for school cooperatives to expand their reach and meet the needs of students and their parents to shop for not only school supplies but also groceries at school cooperative prices.

“We developed the STEP to provide convenience and ease for parents of children from the participating schools and to ease information sharing or shopping for school and educational supplies with the added bonus of getting groceries at affordable and competitive prices. STEP also helps these school cooperatives by providing a digital platform enabling them to reach more parents who find it a challenge to go to the schools in person to get supplies and groceries for their children and family. Just goes to show that digitalising our communities is a win-win situation for everyone involved,” says YM Tunku Aaran Tunku Mutamir, Chairman of VX.

The participating schools, namely, Sekolah Menengah Muzaffar Syah (MOZAC), MRSM Jasin and Sekolah Harian Durian Tunggal will benefit from this initiative of digitalising their activities and expanding their co-op reach for higher profit.

VX will support the e-commerce management of the STEP, while Fuiyoh Hub, a last-mile delivery platform will support the logistics requirements of this initiative within the state of Malacca.

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