UOA Development Appoints Kong Pak Lim As Chairman

UOA Development has redesignated Mr. Kong Pak Lim from Director to Chairman of the property group with immediate effect, he is also the father of Ms. Stephanie Kong Pei Zen, who is his Alternate Director.

Mr. Kong Pak Lim was appointed a Director of the Company on 27 May 2004 and oversees the planning and design of the Group’s commercial and residential projects and is also responsible for the identification and negotiation of all new land acquisitions. He has over 43 years of experience in the construction, mining, and property development industries in both Malaysia and Australia.

He has worked extensively in various capacities in Australia, among them as Project Engineer in Davis Wemco in charge of mining design, construction, and material handling and as a Director of Ferro Engineering Pty Ltd responsible for the structural and mechanical fabrication of oil & gas and mining equipment. He co-founded United Overseas Australia Ltd (“UOA” or “Parent Group”) with Mr. Kong Chong Soon and played an integral part in spearheading the Parent and UOA Group’s rapid growth.

His shareholding in the group include LTG Development Sdn Bhd – 20 shares, United Overseas Australia Ltd – 4,169,600 shares, UOA Holdings Sdn Bhd – 1,628,584,400 shares, UOA Holdings Sdn Bhd – 154,200 shares, and RHB Capital Nominees (Tempatan) Sdn Bhd – 31,086,900 shares.

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