Opcom Lands RM25 Million Data Centre Contract From VC Telecoms

Opcom Berhad through its 60% owed subsidiary Opcom Vision Sdn. Bhd. had accepted a letter of award from VC Telecoms Sdn. Bhd as its project consultant for the design and consultation for a Data Centre.

The Data Centre for POP1 Project is worth RM25 million which is expected to be from April 2022 until 11 April 2023.  

VC Telecoms is an established telecommunications service provider, providing fiber optic infrastructures via non-destructive methods utilizing sewer tunnels to address the last mile issue. The operator also acquired robotic installation equipment from FAST robot AG, a company in Switzerland with over 20 years of experience in installing fiber optics in sewer pipes.

Opcom is well known in the industry to be the leading fiber optic manufacturer and used by many telcos for their network rollout.

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