MAH And DOC2US Make Covid-19 Testing Easy For Inbound Travellers

The Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) in collaboration with  Malaysia’s leading digital health service provider, DOC2US, will provide travellers and guests at member hotels of MAH with a one-stop solution for Covid-19 testing requirements through DOC2US’  virtual RTK Intelligent System (RTKis). Launched in July 2021, the AI-powered RTKis (pronounced as  Ar-Tee-kis) verified by licensed doctors, is the first-ever virtual RTK-Ag screening solution in Malaysia. 

President of MAH, Dato’ N. Subramaniam said, “MAH is strongly aligned with the Ministry of Tourism,  Arts and Culture’s (MOTAC) five-year plan to boost domestic tourism based on six pillars, focusing on domestic tourism and promotions, international tourism recovery, digital adoption, innovation, health and safety.  

In full support of MOTAC’s plan, our partnership with DOC2US is the first step in embracing digital adoption in our industry, especially in healthcare services. We foresee the incorporation of seamless digital healthcare services such as 24/7 virtual teleconsultations with doctors, doorstep medication delivery and Virtual Health Advisory for our guests and hotel staff moving forward.  

While the hotel industry has yet to record significant increases in occupancy since the transition to endemic phase, we are keen to outline our commitment to elevate the travelling experience of visitors  and steer the country towards endemicity by adding value to our existing in-house healthcare services  through digital healthcare.”  

Currently, more than 20 MAH member hotels have signed up and are in the process of adoption. When booking a hotel room at MAH participating member hotels, travellers can now opt to add RTKis, which will be given to them upon check-in. 

The RTKis tests are supervised by professional healthcare providers, and the results are uploaded to the Public Health Laboratory Information System (SIMKA) integrated with MySejahtera where travellers are also able to access the free Virtual Health Advisory services provided by DOC2US. 

CEO and Co-founder of DOC2US, Dr Raymond Choy quoted, “The tourism and travel industry were the hardest hit during the pandemic. As a digital healthcare service provider, there are certainly more areas we can cover in order to help the tourism and hotel industry regain their footing. By starting with RTKis and Virtual Health Advisory for travellers, we can reassure them of our health and safety standards. 

Inbound travellers who are required to perform RTK-Ag testing for Covid-19 can do so conveniently and comfortably from their hotel rooms within 24 hours of arrival as part of the added services provided by member hotels of MAH. It is safe, secure and credible.”

With the international borders reopening, an influx of 2 million visitors is expected to enter Malaysia  as the tourism industry recovers from Covid-19. The partnership is expected to facilitate travellers and  make testing procedures convenient and accessible upon arrival and throughout their stay. 

“We hope to welcome travellers as a digitally savvy and health-oriented country to put Malaysia back on the map as one of the best places to visit,” Dr Choy added.

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