Tun Mahathir Posts 8 Tweets Says Malaysia Has Fallen Behind Vietnam And Indonesia

Former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammmad penned a long thread on Twitter under the handle Chedet, pointing to how Malaysia has fallen behind in terms of development to new upcoming nations in the region Vietnam and Indonesia.

In a series of long tweets covering from the economy to politics, the senior politician who is touching 96 this year said he was shocked to see Malaysia behind even some African countries. His comments mention how we are not using technology to combat corruption in the country and how it is rejected in Parliament in fear of exposing certain groups.

Tun Mahathir goes on to add that the county continues to lose lots of money because we reject better ways of management while African nations are saving billions by adopring new innovation ways to tackle corruption and are already ahead of Malaysia.

The former Premier, goes on with his tweet sarcastically noting that the Government isnt shy of people stealing from the coffers as this has been said to be acceptable.

Continueing with his sarcasm, the good Doctor prescribes for the goverment to not adopt technology because it may cause lawmakers to lose money, let the country to go backprupt as its on the nation and not the lawmakers money.

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