SJMC And ADMC Launch ‘Eyecentric’, A Rebranded Eye Care Facility

The eye care needs of the country have evolved during the pandemic, with many Malaysians experiencing deteriorating eye health. However, 80% of eye diseases are preventable or treatable. The Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH) group is shining the spotlight on the importance of better management of eye care following its recent rebranding exercise that aims to provide its patients with comprehensive and technology-centric services under a single umbrella healthcare brand, Eyecentric.

The group’s rebranding exercise was spearheaded by Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC) and Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), which launched their newly rebranded one-stop facility that focuses on a range of services from early and preventive care to the medical management of a comprehensive list of eye conditions and diseases. 

The one-stop facility is also aligned with the overall goal to establish a professional relationship with each patient with up-to-date technology and techniques, while ensuring visits are convenient and hassle-free. 

Bryan Lin, CEO of SJMC, said that the impact of the pandemic on eye health is mainly being seen among the hospital’s younger and elderly patients. He said, “We are aiming to improve patient experience and outcomes through simplification, adding value, and digitalisation which are key in managing the healthcare needs of a population that is now coming out of a pandemic. Given there has been a paradigm shift in how medical care is being provided globally, rebranding our eye care services can enable patients to better utilise our services to meet their individual needs.”

The pandemic affected Malaysians’ lifestyle and working habits, with many spending more time in front of digital devices out of necessity, while others chose to focus on treating more pressing health concerns, all of which have impacted eye care. 

According to Miranda Harumal, CEO of ADMC, the hospital sees tremendous value in investing in technology which is central to the success of Eyecentric. She said, “We cannot deny the growing importance of digitalisation to enhance healthcare, and this is clearly evident when it comes to eye health, where cutting-edge technology plays a key role in making diagnosis and treatment more safe, efficient and effective.”

A team of healthcare experts at ADMC, led by Dr Ainur Rahman Bin Anuar Masduki, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Corneal Surgeon, recently performed a cornea transplant with tissue from a donor. This was the first cornea transplant performed at ADMC. The patient was suffering from oedema or swelling of the cornea, resulting in blurred vision. Dr. Ainur and team performed a corneal transplant to prevent further corneal scarring and deterioration of the vision. Since the surgery, the patient reported a marked improvement in her vision which has enhanced her quality of life.

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