SIRIM Certification For Musang King To Ensure Quality And Price Stability

SIRIM is looking to issue certification for the most popular variety of durian in the country, Musang King to ensure its quality and also to stablise the price of the king of fruits.

The certification body said currently they were collaborating with the Perak State Agriculture Department and the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) to develop specific standards for the accreditation, which is to be implemented before the end of the year.

Upon which exporting the variety will require less documentation, as every country requires specifications to import a certain product Musang King durians with certification will not need additional documentation. The certification can also ensure prices depending on durian grade and ensure that the Musang King will not be sold at unreasonable prices.

Additionally, Perak Durian Growers Association chairman Nor Hisham Nayan said they were planning several initiatives to help durian planters in the state improve the quality of their fruit. Nor Hisham said advanced and biodiversity courses would be organised for members in collaboration with various agencies, as well as to educate new planters. 

“The committee and I will also go out to dispense advice on durian cultivation,” he said, adding that so far the association has 500 members.

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