Homegrown Startup Aspires to Revolutionise Hospital Waste Management

by Adeline Cheah & Hardip Singh Rekhraj

The pandemic has caused a rise in biomedical waste globally. In Malaysia itself, it is reported that clinical waste surged by 18.1% from 2019 with the states of Selangor, Sarawak, and Kuala Lumpur generating the highest volume in the country.  

With piling medical syringes, surgical wear, and human samples, the need for heightened waste management is critical to minimise the risks of infections within hospitals and beyond. Conventional disposal methods are proving to be a challenge with the escalating waste mass, especially with analogue methods of tracking that is riddled with inaccuracies caused by human error.

Fortunately, BCN Smart Technologies are at the helm of this matter, offering advocacy and a digital biomedical waste disposal solution to alleviate harmful consequences caused by outdated practices.

Digitizing Waste Management

BCN Smart Tech is set to deploy CINWAM (Centralised INfectious WAste Management), an advanced tech solution developed in Malaysia that has various abilities to ensure proper biomedical waste disposal.

The powerful platform helps customers to manage waste smarter – visualize all the collection points on a digital map, access to detailed collection point inventory and optimize the search of them.

From waste sterilization to real-time data, CINWAM holds the key to efficiency in medical waste management

“The current model is becoming increasingly obsolete and is no longer impacting the key cost and environmental metrics, as well as providing positive clinical outcomes for hospitals,” said Amir  Shariff, Chief Marketing Officer of BCN Smart Technologies. “CINWAM will transform the current biohazardous waste management model in hospitals, and will provide stakeholders with a greener, more efficient, safer and sustainable ecosystem.”

With the ability to provide real-time data, it will also protect healthcare workers from exposure to contaminated waste with Smart Waste Stations that are able to detect hazardous elements. Additionally, the CINWAM platform allows for connection to multiple healthcare facilities, waste collectors, and sanitary landfills to provide better waste management.

The Brain Behind BCN Smart Technologies

Founded by Jordi Pol (pic above), BCN Smart Technologies is a homegrown startup that aims to deliver green and digital solutions by leveraging on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

At present, the focus is on raising awareness about biohazardous medical waste management through a myriad of stakeholders including private organisations and the government. Through its innovative digital solutions, BCN Smart Technology continues to be an ardent advocate of smarter medical waste management, hoping to eventually reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a sustainable future for hospital waste management in Malaysia.

Moving Forward: Solutions for Infection Control & Waste 

The BCN team (from L-R): Mujahid Hisham (Product Manager 1), Ikhwan Harish (Product Manager 2), Mohd Norfarhan, Amir Shariff (CMO)

With the gradual success of transforming analogue waste management processes in Malaysian hospitals, BCN Smart Technologies is determined to go beyond increasing the efficiency of waste management and reduce biohazardous medical waste.

Through its data-driven solutions, BCN Smart Technologies is looking to resolve a host of other challenges in the public health sector and to actively champion a sustainable and greener digital economy.

This article is contributed by Venturous PR, a student-led communications agency from Taylor’s University, School of Media & Communication (SOMAC). As an entrepreneurial sandbox for senior PR undergraduates, Venturous PR strives to make innovative communication solutions accessible to Startups and SMEs. The project is part of BusinessToday’s social engagement initiative with PR students to promote ethical journalism. This Startup is part of MDEC’s Malaysia Digital Hub Community, which provides impactful intervention to facilitate growth of local tech companies.

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