Local Companies To Help Government To Make The BMTKM Program A Success; Mustapa

The first phase of the Malaysian Family Extreme Poverty Eradication Program (BMTKM) is being implemented in stages in 80 localities across the country involving approximately 3,000 extremely poor heads of households (KIR).

To ensure the effectiveness of program implementation, the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) has collaborated with the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU), Prime Minister’s Department (JPM), State Government, Corridor Authority and Public Universities to coordinate, facilitate and implement the BMTKM program since last May.

Four of the eight localities in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur were selected in the implementation of the BMTKM Phase 1 program, namely PPR Kerinchi, PPR Desa Rejang, PPR Kg. Goodwill and PPR Taman Mulia. For PPR Kerinchi, a total of 57 KIRs were selected and agreed to participate in this program. Of the 57 KIR concerned, more than 50% of KIR are interested in venturing into and earning income in the food and beverage (F&B) sector.

Digitization is an important instrument in the implementation strategy of BMTKM to increase income while also removing KIR involved from the crisis of extreme poverty. In line with the whole-of-nation approach, 4 companies have agreed to be involved in the implementation of BMTKM, namely Shopee Malaysia, Dialog Berhad, Felda Global Ventures (FGV) and UMW Corporation Sdn. Bhd (UMW) as the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. An integrated approach from this company will be able to help expand the marketing network of entrepreneurial products produced through digital marketing platforms.

On 26 July, a practical session (hands-on) of the Digital Marketing Initiative was inaugurated by me at the Regional Library @ Lembah Pantai in the Kerinchi People’s Housing Project (PPR) locality, Kuala Lumpur. This session is one of the CSR initiatives from Shopee Malaysia to Malaysian Family members who participate in the BMTKM program. The organization of this session also aims to open the minds of BMTKM participants at PPR Kerinchi and explore their potential to generate higher income through the benefits of the eCommerce platform.

A total of 22 out of 57 KIR attended this digital marketing session last night. Shopee Malaysia has provided basic exposure regarding digital marketing through their eCommerce platform to open the minds of BMTKM participants to explore opportunities to start a business and have their own “digital store” in cyberspace. This effort is expected to help KIR get involved to venture into the business world digitally and further increase their income and socioeconomics.

Based on the success and interest shown by BMTKM participants at PPR Kerinchi, Shopee Malaysia will guide them as adopted children until they succeed as digital entrepreneurs. The journey of the program participants will also be closely monitored by Universiti Malaya to ensure the effectiveness of the program implementation.

More companies are called to come forward with the Government in making this BMTKM program a success in order to achieve the target of zero extreme poverty by the end of 2025.

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