GDEX Hopes For Tougher Government Agencies Support To Ensure Fair Play On Digital Platforms

Stronger government agencies support for a more thorough regulation and fair market of digital platforms and last mile delivery players

As there are few regulations to keep digital platform players in check, anti-competition behaviour is rife and digital platforms are weeding each other out with aims of being a monopoly. The same applies to last mile delivery players, who would go at any lengths to gain the most market share in the shortest time possible, even if it means that they will suffer losses. Therefore, more thorough regulation will bring a fairer marketplace for industry players and encourage healthy competition.

More green incentives to encourage greater adoption of electric vehicles

As corporations fulfill their responsibilities to decrease their carbon footprint, there is more that needs to be done to drive greater adoption of green initiatives. Green solutions are not the most cost-effective at present due to the low base of users. Should there be more green incentives, this would certainly drive corporations to be more aggressive in implementing green solutions and accelerate the transition to a greener economy.

Tax breaks for logistics companies

Homegrown logistics companies, which are a key infrastructure of the nation, have been hammered by start-ups who throw in significant investments at a loss to disrupt the market. In addition to more thorough market regulations, logistics companies’ struggles can be alleviated through tax breaks for the next five years, allowing them to strengthen their operations and invest in capacity upgrades, newer technologies, and improved efficiency.

Apart from that, such tax breaks can also be enjoyed by local corporations or funds that invest in logistics companies, where the proceeds are used for capital allowance and automation.

Digitalisation and automation initiatives

Increased digitalisation and automation will help reduce reliance on manual labour, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiencies. This will enable businesses to enhance their competitiveness.

GDEX is a leading express delivery services provider in Malaysia with presence in Southeast Asia, namely Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam. GDEX has a workforce of over 10,000 employees and fleet size of over 6,000 vehicles.

Supported by robust technology infrastructure and digital platforms, GDEX provides comprehensive solutions, including next day express courier service, customized delivery solutions, international shipping, digitised shipping platform, and warehouse fulfilment.

GDEX is currently accelerating growth via its GDEX2.0 strategy, involving a multi-pronged approach ranging from M&As and collaborations to in-house innovations. This includes investments in digital innovation and technology capabilities, and expanding the GDEX2.0 ecosystem of converged solutions and services. The Group is also building a stronger intra-ASEAN ecosystem through integration of regional operations.

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