Singapore Says Will Defend Batu Puteh Sovereignty Come What May!

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reiterated that it will defend the sovereignty of Pedra Branca (Batu Putih) robustly as the island state takes its stand over Malaysia’s recent comment on the intention to commence legal action in the International Court of Justice.

Singapore said it is ready to “robustly defend sovereignty over Pedra Branca and will deal with whatever legal action Malaysia may pursue.”

The spokesperson said that Singapore had noted Malaysia’s press release on the matter, and revisited the details of the ICJ’s 2008 ruling.

“In 2008, the Court awarded sovereignty over Pedra Branca to Singapore in the case concerning sovereignty over Pedra Branca, Middle Rocks, and South Ledge,” the spokesperson said.

“After the Court’s decision, both Singapore and Malaysia publicly announced that they will accept and abide by the Court’s decision which is final.

Malaysia Law Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi was recently quoted as looking into taking further action actions on the Batu Puteh sovereignty case including legal aspects, the tort of misfeasance, and Malaysia-Singapore relations.

Wan Junaidi also said the government had examined and finalised several next steps that would be implemented in order to restore the dignity and sovereignty of the country in relation to Batu Puteh, Middle Rocks, and South Ledge.

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