Rural Sustainable Development Empowerment Needs To Be Inclusive; Ahmad Zahid

The Ministry of Rural and Regional Development will ensure four main aspects in empowering more inclusive rural sustainable development to be applied and implemented to ensure the well-being of rural and regional communities.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, said the four aspects involved, among others, the improvement of good and efficient governance at the local, district and regional levels by connecting the private sector, civil society and strategic government agencies.

He who is also the Deputy Prime Minister said, another aspect is the development of the productive sector which refers to agriculture, non-agricultural industries, mining, tourism, natural resources, environmental management and so on.

“The development of institutions and capabilities in several thrust areas including education, training, health, advanced research, marketing, savings and credit, transportation, environment and so on.

“The development of rural infrastructure includes roads, electricity, telecommunications, housing, water, public health and so on,” he said in a post on his Facebook page today.

Ahmad Zahid said, all narratives, definitions, prescriptions, descriptions about the characteristics of rural and regional development need to be refined because this will affect the discourse and narrative of rural communities.

He said, this affirmation is important to highlight the inclusive quality that is also part of the larger community entity that needs to be given continuous priority by agencies, ministries and the community.

“This is also to ensure that the imperative of the village concept that I have presented before moves in line with the ministry’s mission and vision. We are all responsible for ensuring the sustainability of rural and regional development,” he said.

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