Maybank Claims The Alleged Leaked Data Of Its Customer Are False

On the alleged, 13 million Malaysian users data leak reported by a website where personal information of Maybank, Astro, and the Election commission, Maybank has issued a statement claiming the news as false.

In a statement sent to the media, the bank said after conducting an internal investigation, the bank can confirm the claims by the third party to be false.

Here is Maybank’s official response to the allegation.

Following the conclusion of our investigation into the allegation by a third party regarding a purported customer data leak, Maybank can confirm that these claims are false. The Bank would like to reassure its customers that their data remains secure and private and that no customer data has been compromised. Maybank will continue to prioritise its cyber security and data protection measures as customer data protection is of utmost importance to the Bank.

However, we are yet to hear from Astro and the Election Commission.

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