Remember 3W, Health DG Encourages Practice During The Festive Period

Health Director General, Tan Sri Noor Hisham who was the calming figure during the Covid-19 pandemic that turned the lives of all Malaysians upside down, has reminded fellow countrymen to adhere to the health guidelines that helped Malaysia wade through the rages of the pandemic.

In his Twitter posting, the Ministry of Health DG reminded everyone to continue to practice the 3W which is wash, wear and warn, and included the 3C which is to avoid crowded places, confined places, and close conversation.

Malaysia has relatively kept the Covid-19 disease under control since the border reopening with cases holding within the 3-digit levels despite China tourists starting trickling in, in the past week.

With the Chinese New Year added to the mix, the test is on for the healthcare system when thousands make their exodus back to their hometown en masse for the first time after a subdued return in 2022. MOH will closely monitor cases this week and will be able to assess if Covid-19 has truly been contained domestically and to a certain extent globally.

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