Govt Suggest Name Change For TnG Visa Card To Avoid Confusion

The Domestic Trade Ministry is recommending that Touch N Go change the name of the newly launched TnG Visa prepaid card to avoid confusion as the word Touch n Go is synonymous with the toll payment system.

This is one of the immediate actions taken by Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub after meeting the management of the company, the Minister had earlier commented to resolve the matter surrounding TnG after netizens questioned the purpose of the card when it can’t be used at the toll booths.

He also asked TnG needs to explain to users the TnG Visa prepaid can be only used for purchasing goods and for withdrawing money.

Besides addressing the confusing card propositions, Salahuddin had a slew of proposals that have been top grievances among card users for TnG to sort out.

Among them, TnG has been asked to give early notification on the expiry of the cards and also speed up the process of refunds and balance transfers. It was also tasked to increase the number of card sales centres beyond just KL Sentral and Bangsar and find ways to prevent online business platforms from advertising and selling TnG cards when they don’t have permission to do so.

The CIMB and Alibaba owned company was given one week to revert with an action plan.

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