U Mobile Offers 60GB Data For Its Entry Level Postpaid Subscribers

U Mobile’s 5G U Postpaid Plans now offers all new and existing U Postpaid 38 subscribers 60GB of high-speed 4G/5G data for life, which is double what the plan previously offered.

At only RM38 monthly for 60GB of high-speed 4G/5G data and unlimited calls to all networks, U Postpaid 38 is by far the best entry-level postpaid plan in the market.

The telco has also unlocked hotspot for U Postpaid 38, 68 and 98 as part of its latest limited-time promotion called Ultra Hotspot 5G. With the hotspot unlocked, subscribers can now hotspot from their plan’s main data quota, instead of from a separate hotspot data quota.

This means that through Ultra Hotspot 5G promotion, U Postpaid 38 subscribers can utilise their 60GB of high-speed 4G/5G data for hotspot, whilst U Postpaid 68 subscribers get to enjoy 100GB of high-speed 4G/5G data that can be used for hotspot. U Postpaid 98 subscribers will be able to share their massive 1000GB high-speed 4G/5G data across multiple devices, and with family and friends. For RM68 and RM98 monthly respectively, both U Postpaid 68 and U Postpaid 98 also offer free 15GB of roaming data and incoming calls across 63 destinations, as well as unlimited calls.

For the moment, Ultra Hotspot 5G benefits are available immediately for new U Mobile subscribers or U Mobile subscribers who wish to upgrade to the 5G postpaid plans. For existing U Postpaid 38, 68 and 98 customers, the hotspot enhancements will be made available very soon. Although Ultra Hotspot 5G is a limited time promotion, U Postpaid 38, 68 and 98 subscribers will enjoy the hotspot benefits permanently once it is unlocked for them.

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