5 Things You Want To Know About The Digital Road Tax And License

The announcement by the Minister of Transport Anthony Loke recently on digital road tax and license means that private vehicle users no longer need to display them on the windscreen or carry the license around.

Many Malaysians welcomed the move as this is in line with international standards and instantly eliminated the cumbersome process of sticking to the large piece of road tax. However, the transition to digital has also gotten some quarters wondering how this will be applied and if the enforcement officers will know if the road tax is expired.

To answer the top 5 frequently asked questions with regard to the digital road tax, here are things you should know about the new system.

  1. Is it compulsory to download the MyJPJ application? Not necessarily if you do not want to, as the printed versions are still available and can be procured from the Road Transport Department.
  2. If I was unable to download the MyJPJ app and unable to get my digital road tax or license will I be summoned? Nope, the JPJ or PDRM officers will be able to check using their enforcement system.
  3. Will I still have to pay for the road tax and license after its expiry? Yes, you have to!
  4. If the vehicle is not driven by the owner how can the driver show the digital road tax? A printed version can be kept in the vehicle, besides the authorities can also verify using their gadgets.
  5. Why cant I login into the MyJPJ system since morning? the site traffic has been overwhelming as many Malaysians are keen to register.

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