Feeling Burnt Out? Here’s Something To Help You Overcome It

You’re getting a lot of screen time

Take some screen time. Give your eyes a break by glancing away from your screen for a minute or so every 20 minutes.

Human interactions have made you exhausted

Try to keep your interactions to a minimum. Instead of joining the crowd, get up and prepare tea or coffee when the kitchen is vacant.

Bring your lunch into the office and eat it at your desk while wearing earbuds.

You’re feeling stressed because of your job

Try to find methods to unwind while at work. That may mean taking more pauses, eating healthier foods, or simply listening to a playlist.

You may listen to relaxing music, go outdoors, and contact someone you care about if you need a pep talk, or go to the restroom for a few minutes of meditation.

You’re in a physical job

Make an effort to have a balanced and healthy breakfast before going to work, and make time for a short energy-boosting snack like fruit or almonds.

Stretch thoroughly before and after a shift, focusing on the muscles you utilise the most. And, when you arrive home, take a quick hot shower to help you relax.

You’re bored because you’re not utilising your brain sufficiently

Set goals for each day and make an effort to diversify your activities on a regular basis.

Changing things around can help you stay focused on what you’re doing and prevent your mind from wandering and becoming bored.

You need more food and nutrients

Make an effort to eat something in the morning. If possible, prepare your food the night before – overnight oats are a simple, nutritious alternative, or you may chop up some fruit if you like.

You feel tired and sleepy because of your posture

Make a concerted effort to improve your posture. You may use your phone to set reminders to remind you to sit up straight or to get up and shake your limbs.

You don’t take enough breaks

Set an alarm on your phone and allow yourself 5 minutes to reset and take a breather.

Stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and recharge during the day so you have more energy when you come home.

You don’t take enough fluids

Purchase a water bottle with the times of the day printed on the side so you know how much water you should drink at each point in the day.

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up and fetch a drink.

You’re tired as a result of too much sugar and caffeine

Maintain a balanced sugar and caffeine level throughout the day, particularly in the afternoon. Also, try for a lighter lunch to avoid being too bloated and drowsy.

If you must have coffee, choose a single shot or decaf and avoid sweet syrups.

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