Kenny Hills Bakers, Malaysia’s Favourite Cafe Hopes To Expand Internationally

Au Tai Hon, the founder of Kenny Hills Bakers, has a big heart to invest in people who are passionate about what they do and to create an avenue for them to hone their skills and craft. 

In an inclusive interview with BusinessToday, Kai Zen, Managing Director of Kenny Hills Bakers shares his thoughts about the being in the F&B business and what the plans for Kenny Hills Bakers are.

Short-term, long-term goals

“Short term goals in my mind are anywhere between 1-3 years. Simply put, the short-term plan is to become the best F&B operators across multiple brands and concepts.

Make no mistake, the core focus for now is still very much Kenny Hills Bakers and Kenny Hills Coffee, but the quality of our people and the size of our ambitions mean that we believe we can also repeat that success across other brands.

I want to develop and scale new brands across KL and beyond, hence why I am also thinking about new concepts for this year and next already. There will be an Events & Catering team, mainly to host party orders for everyone.”

As for long term goals, Kai Zen hopes to bring Kenny Hills Bakers and Kenny Hills Coffee to the international level.

“International expansion would represent a big success not just for us, but hopefully for other local brands who aspire to do so in the future.

I believe if we keep executing to the best of our abilities, we will get there for sure. Outside of F&B, I also want to dive into new industries in the future, to create a well-rounded and diverse organisation. I just love hospitality, design, business, and creating value in the world. There is a lot to do but I’ll save that conversation for another time!,” Kai Zen added.

Plans of expansion

In addition to the six outlets already in the Klang Valley, Kai Zen shared that in a week alone, he has had four requests to open up Kenny Hills Bakers in Penang and East Malaysia.

“I’ll be visiting Penang in March to visit several sites. But nothing outside of KL for this year. If a site is unique and interesting enough then we’re definitely open to exploring.

I’m on the lookout for heritage standalone buildings with character, and Penang is a great place to look,” Kai Zen concluded.

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