Top Headlines This Week: Cognac, Ringgit And Instant Noodles

A Symphony Of Cognac And Couture At The Hennessy X.O & Kim Jones Gallery

Our wait was well worth the trouble. We were ushered into a labyrinthian passage, draped with white curtains that barely concealed the shimmer of gold on the wall.

The Hennessy X.O & Kim Jones Gallery at Pavilion Bukit Jalil sure know how to make a statement. We passed the immersive corridors that boomed with sounds and the accompaniment of videos from hidden projectors. Visuals of robots tending to liquors of unfathomable richness pass by like phantoms.

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Analysis: Moving MYR And Yuan Away From The Dollar

The Malaysian prime minister’s proposal to create an Asian Monetary Fund can be seen as a natural development following China’s shift away from the U.S. dollar. OctaFX gave its assessment of what the consequences will be for the Malaysian economy and MYR.

The U.S. dollar plays a vital role in the U.S. economy, owing to the fact that it accounts for more than 80% of international trade finance. The U.S. dollar also constitutes 60% of the world’s foreign exchange reserves and dominates the bond and currency markets.

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DXN Unveils IPO Prospectus, Expects Market Cap Of RM3.8 Billion Post Listing

Main Market bound DXN Holdings Bhd which is involved in sales of health-oriented and wellness consumer products unveiled its initial public offering prospectus, which is set for 19 May 2023.

The IPO exercise involves an offering of up to 932,675,000 ordinary shares in DXN comprising an offer for sale of up to 772,675,000 existing Shares and a public issue of 160,000,000 new Shares. The maximum IPO price is RM0.76 per Share with the final IPO price to be determined via a book-building exercise.

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Transitioning From Intellectual Property To Innovation Perpetuity

In the past decade alone, the rate of innovation has increased with more products released to market than any other time in history.

The United States’ Patent Activity records that in 1890, only 25 patents were filed. 100 years later in 1990, there were 90,365 filings and by 2020, this grew to nearly 600,000 patents in one single year.

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Capital A’s ADE Secures US$100 Million Investment To Build, Run New State-Of-The-Art Maintenance Hangar

Asia Digital Engineering (ADE), the engineering and maintenance subsidiary of Capital A, announced today (Apr 26) that it has secured a USD100 million (RM445.85 Million) investment from OCP Asia Ltd. which will be used for the construction and operationalisation of a new state-of-the-art 14-line aircraft maintenance hangar facility in Sepang.

The investment will also be allocated for ADE’s further business expansion in other verticals and geographical markets, demonstrating the company’s commitment to achieving long-term growth and success.

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Commentary: Discover The Deadly Ethylene Oxide In Instant Noodles

Malaysians love their instant noodles. We have an uncountable variety of those, ranging from the ubiquitous chicken flavour, the mild kari soup that grace the Mamak stalls to the fiery Tom Yam that is bound to ruffle some feathers.

But the thing with delicious meals, they are usually unhealthy. To reinforce this statement, Taipei’s Department of Health recently said that a batch of “Ah Lai White Curry Noodles” from Malaysia and a batch of “Indomie: Special Chicken Flavour” noodles from Indonesia both contained ethylene oxide, a chemical compound associated with lymphoma and leukaemia.

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MISC’s RM2.3 Billion Sustainability Bet

Recently, MISC obtained an 11-year term loan to finance 6 very large ethane carriers (VLECs) from Standard Chartered. The financing of the VLECs is in line with the group’s commitment to cleaner transport solutions and achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. MIDF has opined that the move is a positive prospect. 

The gist is MISC Bhd has entered into a USD527m (approx. RM2.3b) syndicated loan facility to finance 6 very large ethane carriers (VLECs). The term loan is a 11-year sustainable-linked non-recourse term loan is the group’s debut sustainability-linked loan (SLL) and is structured to align with its long-term business strategy and sustainability aspirations.

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IPO Market: Signs Of Life Seen Even On Fears Of Recession

The global market for initial public offerings is showing signs of life as a rebound in the stock market has emboldened companies to test investor appetite for new listings, particularly in Asia. But a full-fledged recovery looks distant.

Roughly US$25 billion (RM110.9 billion) worth of IPOs priced globally in March and April, nearly twice the amount seen in the first two months of the year when listings virtually ground to a halt

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