Selangor’s Revenue Collection Exceeds Q1 Target

Selangor MB said the state’s revenue collection managed to reach 45 percent which is RM893.11 million exceeding the target set as of March 15.

Chief Minister Dato’ Seri Amirudin Shari said the revenue was an encouraging figure in less than the first three months of this year from the RM2 billion targeted in 2023.

“This is also a sign of the confidence of the people and the business community in Selangor towards the administration that has steered the state for almost five years before we enter the state election soon. He added the state can’t take this for granted and hoped that the confidence in the performance of state revenue collection is also translated in the coming weeks and months.

Following the performance of the State Government’s collection during this administration, the CM announced the Special Incentive 2023 giving a month’s salary to the state’s civil servants and also federal civil servants such as teachers, police.

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