Former Fave CEO Joel Neoh Embarks On New Career In Healthcare

Former CEO of Fave and founder of Groupon Malaysia Joel Neoh Eu-Jin who planned to take a big from the corporate world says he is back in the game by joining a healthcare start-up Prenetics and CircleDNA.

In a post on his LinkedIn page, the serial entrepreneur said in recent months, he embarked on a journey across multiple countries, engaging in conversations with countless healthcare professionals; from scientists and doctors to Nobel laureate researchers and healthcare investors discovering that there is an immense amount of work to be done to advance healthcare for the betterment of humanity.

Joel further added that he observed that the current healthcare ecosystem primarily focuses on patients, but this approach proves to be both costly and often too late in addressing critical needs. And there is a need to ensure people remain healthy long before they are labeled as patients.

That he said prompted him to commit himself to progress in the healthcare industry, embarking on a new and exciting journey together with Danny Yeung, Prenetics, and CircleDNA.

Joel started off in the consumer technology space in 2009, and in the last 8 years has been focused exclusively on payments and fintech.

He stepped away from his business after a series of personal losses of a best friend, a close uncle, and a dear colleague, and these heartbreaking experiences left the CEO to reassess his path and make a change.

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