NAZA Group Ventures Into Durian Industry With 2000-Acre Plantation In Raub

NAZA Corporation Holdings Sdn Bhd (NAZA Group) announced its new business venture, a durian plantation project under NAZA Agro Plantation (NAZAAgro), at a ground-breaking ceremony here. NAZAAgro had embarked on the first phase of the project to cultivate approximately 580 acres out of the 2,000 acres of land in Raub for durian, with specific focus on Musang King and other premium variants.

NAZAAgro’s venture aims to contribute to Malaysia’s durian export from its first phase of harvest by 2027, targeting the highly sought-after Musang King variant, which had witnessed a surge in global demand, particularly from China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Utilising technology and Internet of Things (IoT), NAZA Agro had invested in one of the top irrigation and fertigation system, a superior system which is able to provide precision irrigation for higher growth and better yields in all climate patterns, soil type or topography.
The plantation is also exploring usage of Digital Agriculture Technology (AgTech) in collaboration with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

In addition to the economic opportunities for NAZA Agro, the durian industry holds significant potential for the local community in terms of job creation as well as contributing to the elevation of economic standards of Raub’s local populace.

By cultivating the premium Musang King, the plantation planned to tap into a market segment that values ethically sourced, high-quality produce, enabling the plantation to meet rising demands for this exceptional fruit, while promoting sustainability and responsible farming practices.

NAZA Agro had appointed Top Fruits Sdn Bhd, an exporter of premium durians to China and other countries, as the Strategic Partner. Leveraging on the latter’s extensive experience in the durian industry as well as their expertise in both upstream and downstream activities, NAZA Agro hoped to expand into downstream activities in the future.

Located in Mukim Semantan Ulu in Raub, the NAZA Agro’s plantation is nestled between the majestic Titiwangsa Range and Benom Mountain Range, boasting the finest topography in the area. This prime location, favourable climate with optimal temperatures and humidity levels, create the ideal environment for durian trees to flourish and produce superior quality fruits.

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