PC.com Awards 2023: Epson – Best Performance Projector

We want to extend our deepest gratitude for your support and for voting Epson as an award-winning brand. Your trust and confidence in our products and services have propelled us to achieve remarkable success in the projector industry in Malaysia. According to a recent Futuresource report, Epson has maintained its position as the No. 1 brand in the Malaysian market for an impressive 11 consecutive years (2012 to 2022), with over half (55.9%) of the market share in 2022.

Epson has also been the No. 1 brand globally for projectors for the past 22 years, having led the way in terms of market share and shipments in that time*. This remarkable feat reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional projector solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and innovation.

We take immense pride in these accomplishments and attribute our success to our unwavering dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and our relentless pursuit of technological advancements. Your feedback and loyalty have been instrumental in shaping our products and services, and we are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Your support – reinforced by the numbers – demonstrates that Epson projectors are a byword for quality when it comes to image colour clarity, contrast, and vibrancy. Thanks to our proprietary and ground-breaking 3LCD technology, only Epson projectors are equipped with separate LCD panels for red, green and blue, providing colours that are up to 3X brighter, more vivid, more consistent, and more realistic – and our customers can clearly and literally see the difference between our projectors and those from the rest of the competitors.

Epson prides itself on providing the best projectors in the market – whether for business, education, or entertainment purposes, from those meant for use in smaller rooms to those used in convention centres, our projectors are all equipped with 3LCD technology, designed to deliver outstanding performance, ensuring that whatever your need, an Epson projector is always top-of-mind for consideration.

3LCD projectors are also more energy efficient. Are you looking for even more energy efficiency? Our laser projectors are powered by laser light sources instead of conventional lamps. This not only ensures long-lasting performance (20,000 hours), but also reduces exhaust heat and power consumption, making our projectors energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Epson projectors have been manufactured with sustainability and ESG guidelines in mind. Over time, our projectors have become more energy efficient, with succeeding generations consuming anywhere from nearly a quarter (24%) to over half (52%) less electricity than their predecessors. They are further equipped with various eco functions that save electricity during use, such as sleep mode and timers. And all of our projectors are packaged with 80% recycled cardboard.

The work we have done with our projectors demonstrates our commitment to Epson’s vision as a company, which is centred around developing environmentally-conscious products, where sustainability is integrated into every stage of the process. You can be assured that our upcoming projector models are designed with that same focus in mind.

The CO-FH02 projector is designed for use both in work-from-home scenarios and for presentations, being optimised for small office/home office spaces. With a brightness of 3,000 lumens and the capability to project images up to 391 inches, the CO-FH02 ensures a captivating visual experience whether for business or pleasure. It also features support for both vertical and horizontal keystoning, 5W speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity to external speakers, making it a versatile workhorse.

Epson projectors are also ideal for gaming and content consumption. The EH-TW6250 Smart Gaming Projector is specifically designed to offer gamers an immersive and epic gaming experience. With proprietary 4K PRO-UHD1 technology, HDR10 support, and smooth 1080p visuals, this projector delivers stunning graphics with an input lag time of under 20ms.

Our new ultra-short-throw offering, the EH-LS800B is a 4K PRO-UHD1 150″ Smart laser projection TV. Part of our new EpiqVision Ultra range, it comes equipped with Android TV™ and features sound by YAMAHA. Projecting an 80″ image from just 2.3cm away from the wall, you can achieve up to 150″ projection by adjusting that distance.

In conclusion, I would like to again express our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers for their unwavering support and trust in Epson. With Epson, you can embark on a new era of visual experiences, where every detail matters and your needs are met with excellence. For 11 consecutive years, we have been the market leader in projectors in Malaysia, and we are honoured to have earned your loyalty.

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