Bank Rakyat Helps The Needy Through ‘Fitrah Aidiladha’ Programme

Bank Rakyat caters to the needy through the Fitrah Aidiladha program which involves the distribution of 7,938 packs of sacrificial meat in eight locations across the country.

The distribution of sacrificial meat is done in collaboration with strategic partners such as the Department of Military Pay Management (UGAT), Melaka International College of Science and Technology (MiCoST), Muar Municipal Council, Kelantan Contingent Police Headquarters, Kemaman Municipal Council, Perlis Contingent Police Headquarters, Higher Education Institution Graduate Housing Cooperative and Bank Rakyat Twin Towers (MKBR) from 3 July to 15 July.

The distribution of meat from 126 cows, i.e. 882 parts of cows and 226 goats with a total amount of RM888,880 was donated by Bank Rakyat customers through subscriptions to the Qurban Savings Account and also by Surau Al-Barakah which also manages the sacrifice.

Recipients of this sacrificial meat consist of asnaf groups, orphanages, care centers for the elderly, HIV patients, tahfiz centers and religious schools.

CEO of Bank Rakyat, Dr. Mohammad Hanis Osman said, this Tabung Qurban Savings Account helps customers to make more systematic savings in addition to providing more guaranteed and safe sacrificial worship services at home and abroad.

“Participating in the sacrifice can also be done via SMS sent by Bank Rakyat to customers with savings that have reached the current minimum price of the sacrifice,” he added.

According to him, this program is an ongoing community outreach initiative of Bank Rakyat to share sustenance and help ease the burden of those in need during this festive season.

He added that this sacrificial worship initiative has almost reached RM3 million since it was organized in 2020, which has provided benefits to various levels of society.

In addition, Bank Rakyat also contributed as much as RM10,000 to 50 asnaf people who received RM200 each as well as basic necessities such as rice and cooking oil at each location of the distribution of sacrificial meat.

Bank Rakyat also gave a donation of RM5,000 to each institution that cooperated in making Majlis Fitrah Aidiladha 2023 a success for the purpose of equipping mosques, suraus and Islamic centers.

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