There Is Such A Thing As Healthy Fast Food

A problem that is often experienced by individuals who want to lose weight is to choose the best and most effective type of diet.

However, a lack of knowledge about diet causes individuals to tend to restrict their appetite, reduce their intake of calories, carbohydrates or fat, and some are even willing not to eat all day just to lose weight quickly.

The reality is that there are various diet methods that can be practiced, including a vegan diet based on vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits or foods made from plants.

As is known, the vegan diet also avoids eating meat and food from animals such as dairy products and eggs.

Therefore, for vegan diet practitioners, good news for them because a variety of healthy menus can now be found at fast food restaurants, Rightside has opened in Mont Kiara and Sri Petaling.

More interestingly, the restaurant prepares a meal of 100 vegan products that are not only healthy but also appetizing in addition to being exclusive because it is the first in Malaysia.

Director & Chairman of Rightside Fast Food, Datuk Zhafran Md Yusuf said, Rightside is the first plant-based fast food restaurant in Asia that has carried out innovative research using premium ingredients with high nutritional value.

He said, the restaurant is a company wholly owned by local children managed by them among alchemists who are passionate about creating delicious and nutritious fast food for various walks of life.

“We believe in making the alternative diet accessible whether they are vegan or not who can still enjoy a delicious plant-based menu with their loved ones.
“We are also confident in today’s market requirements that want better healthy menus such as vegans to be introduced that are not only nutritious, but at the same time can satisfy the tastes of customers who can still eat while dieting,” he said.

The special thing at Rightside is that all the menus are made ‘homemade’ starting from bread, burger meat, mayo sauce, cheese and many more exclusively.

Even the meat burger or patty is made from pea protein and cooked like a smashed burger that offers three menu options, ZeroBeef, ZeroLamb and ZeroChicken.

In addition to the veggie-based meat, the burger also comes with a fairly soft vegan bun, cheese and vegan mayo, caramelized onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh lettuce.

Elaborating further, Zhafran added, Rightside aspires to become the largest plant-based fast food chain in order to create an alternative diet that is tasty and accessible to all communities around the world.

He said, his party’s mission is to redefine the new concept of healthy fast food to create an inclusive environment regardless of a person’s dietary preferences.

“We are confident that Rightside will be the people’s choice in the future because it is the first plant-based fast food restaurant that has a chain in Asia.

“At the same time, we also prioritize research and development technology and innovation to produce highly nutritious products using 100 percent plant-based premium ingredients in addition to focusing on inclusivity.

“In fact, we offer quite reasonable prices and are worth it if you look at the quality of the taste and the nutrients of the vegan menu which will definitely give satisfaction to the customers,” he said while telling that he is a member of the Plant-Based Food Association.
In addition to burgers, Rightside also offers a healthy menu such as Mexican salad, fries, corn in a cup, milkshakes and plant-based healthy drinks.

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