Duopharma Partners Kensana Health In Exploring Cannabinoid Products For Pain Relief Therapies

Duopharma Biotech Berhad is looking to work with Canada-based phytopharmaceutical biotechnology company Kensana Health, Inc in exploring joint clinical research and development (R&D) and product commercialisation, focusing on pain relief therapies.

The potential clinical research will be conducted in Malaysia to study the use of cannabinoid products for chronic pain-related indications. Prior to commencing any proposed trials, the research teams will seek approval from the relevant ethics committee and regulatory bodies in Malaysia, in line with standard requirements and in accordance with all applicable regulations. The term sheet between DMSB and Kensana Health also envisages the former receiving commercial rights to distribute, market, and sell products used in the joint trials, within the relevant markets.

This will be subject to the execution of formal definitive agreements that will detail the proposed clinical research and
development, as well as the terms and conditions for product commercialisation. Both parties are committed to reaching mutually agreeable terms that will enable the successful implementation of these initiatives.

Duppharma said the collaboration with Kensana Health will further enable it to pursue opportunities in expanding applications for plant-based pharmaceuticals – which include cannabinoids, in response to growing interest among patients.
Kensana Health is currently in the development stage of building a world class European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (EUGMP), Halal certified phytopharmaceutical facility in Malaysia. This partnership advances both Duopharma Biotech and Kensana Health’s vision to provide evidence-based medications from plants to Malaysians.”

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