Ministry Continues To Ensure Continuity Of Payung Rahmah Initiative: Armizan

Payung Rahmah (Rahmah Umbrella) continues with The RAHMAH Sales Tour Program which is a government Initiative which offers price savings of between 10% to 30% for the sale of daily necessities compared to market prices.

This program has been implemented since January 11, 2023 involving 222 parliamentary constituencies across the country with a focus on the B40 group population. The program is implemented through strategic collaboration between the government and industry players and local traders with the discount rate offered through a partnership borne by both parties.

Domestic Trade And Cost Of Living Acting Minister Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali, in a statement today (Aug 6) said: “I had the opportunity to attend the Ehsan RAHMAH Sales Tour Program (JER) at the Selangor state level and hold a walkabout session around the Bangi PKNS Complex, Selangor.

The Federal Government has provided an allocation of RM100 million this year to implement the RAHMAH Sales Program and while inaugurating the Closing Ceremony of the National Consumer Day (HPK) 2023 last July 30. The Prime Minister announced an additional allocation of RM50 million for the purpose of expanding the implementation The RAHMAH Sales Program to each State Legislative Assembly (DUN) through three (3) models which are on-premises, off-premises methods and the latest through Mobile RAHMAH Sales through the concept of #kedaicarirakyat.

For the state of Selangor, this RAHMAH Charity Sales Program (JER) is a collaboration between the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN) and the Selangor State Government through the Selangor State Agricultural Development Corporation (PKPS) which was signed on 31 May 2023. The implementation of this program has been carried out covering all 56 State Legislative Assembly (DUN) constituencies in the state of Selangor, Armizan said.

“For the record, until 31 July 2023, the statistics of visitors throughout the RAHMAH Sales Program implemented under the KPDN nationwide is 2.1 million people and the sales value is RM57 million. While in Selangor alone, the number of visitors was recorded as 266,117 people with a sales value of RM12.6 million.”

The RAHMAH Umbrella initiative is a strategic collaboration and a bond of togetherness between the people, the government and the industry in developing efforts to deal with the cost-of-living issue in line with the MADANI Economy approach.

The RAHMAH Sales Program implemented is not only related to the government providing subsidies for daily necessities but the commitment by traders is also important in supporting the government’s efforts under the RAHMAH Umbrella concept which can be done continuously.

Today’s program in Bangi saw several attractive offers are provided with the concept of open premises sales, namely:

a. Sale of 2,000 standard chickens as well as other basic goods such as rice, chicken eggs, cooking oil, fish, sugar and frozen meat;

b. Happy Hour sale to 100 selected visitors, at a price of RM5.00 for a standard chicken (limited to a maximum of 200 standard chickens only) and RM5.00 for one 1 bag of 5kg rice (limited to a maximum of 100 units of rice bags only); and

c. Sales of essential and baby care products by Pasar Raya Billion at PKNS Bangi Complex.

In addition, the ministry will carry out an Impact Study of the RAHMAH Umbrella Program to see the effectiveness and sustainability of the RAHMAH program in the near future to ensure that the programs that have been implemented since January 2023 can have a positive impact on the people.

Under the RAHMAH Umbrella Initiative, the ministry always ensures that consumers can buy daily necessities at reasonable prices, in addition to having the opportunity to get special rewards offered by merchants.

The RAHMAH Umbrella Initiative is a manifestation of concern based on the government’s concept of love for Malaysians, especially for low-income groups through the cooperation of strategic partners involved, the Armizan added.

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