Dirty Food Processing Factory In Ampang Ordered To Shut Down

Two food processing factories in Pandan Indah and Pandan Mewah, Ampang were ordered to close for 14 days because the cleanliness level of the premises was below 60 percent.

The public relations division and the secretariat of the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) said the environment was dirty, raw materials were not properly stored, and rat droppings and cockroaches were found roaming around the premises.

“Other mistakes made by the food handler include not having a valid handling course certificate, not having typhoid vaccinations, not wearing closed shoes, and having long nails.

“The notice of immediate closure under Section 11, Food Act 1983 was issued by enforcement officers, who inspected three food processing factories on August 24, as part of the Food Safety Guarantee Programme,,” he said in a statement.

He said the operation involved 30 officers and enforcers from the MPAJ, the Selangor State Health Department, and the Hulu Langat District Health Office.

“In that operation, a total of 15 compounds were issued, eight compounds each by Hulu Langat District Health Office for violations of the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

“While seven compounds were issued by the MPAJ involving the offense of employing foreigners and dumping dirty liquids in public places under the Food Establishment Licensing By-law (MPAJ) 2007 and the Roads, Drains, and Buildings Act 1974.” 

The statement also said, any owner of the premises, especially those involved in the processing, preparation, and handling of food, must always comply with the rules to ensure that food is produced clean, safe, and does not affect the health of consumers.

“The Ampang Jaya Municipal Council, Selangor State Health Department, And Hulu Langat District Health Office will always monitor and inspect from time to time to ensure the cleanliness of food premises reaches the best level,” he said.

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