NAICO Geared To Bolster The Aerospace Sector Under The NIMP 2030 Roadmap

NAICO Malaysia said it recognises the pivotal role of the aerospace sector in the nation’s transformative journey and aims to be a driving force behind its growth and development. The agency under MITI acknowledged the NIMP 2030 which presents a clear roadmap with four overarching missions.

Advance Economic Complexity with Innovation: This encourages industries to innovate and produce sophisticated products. Through robust funding for research and development and the creation of a conducive innovation environment, we aim to bolster the aerospace industry’s capabilities in producing cutting-edge solutions.

Embrace Technology and Digital Transformation: Equipping industries with the latest technologies and digital tools is paramount. The agency is committed to helping the aerospace sector enhance productivity and competitiveness through technological advancements.

Push for Net-Zero Emissions: The aerospace sector is committed to contributing to Malaysia’s goal of becoming a net-zero carbon emission country by 2050. We are actively involved with technologies and processes developments to reduce emissions such as our initiative on Sustainable Aviation Fuel and electric aircraft, aligning with NIMP 2030’s vision of a
sustainable future.

Safeguard Economic Security and Inclusivity: NAICO Malaysia said it is dedicated to ensuring that economic growth benefits all Malaysians. Through skills

The aerospace sector stands as a cornerstone of NIMP 2030’s vision, aiming to secure RM55.2 billion industry revenue by 2030. NIMP 2030’s emphasis on innovation and technology in the aerospace sector will enhance its competitiveness and attract further investment and industry partnership.

NAICO Malaysia’s Chief Executive Officer expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are pleased to support NIMP 2030. The plan is bold and ambitious, but we believe that it is achievable with the right support from the government and industry. The aerospace sector is a key driver of economic growth and highly skilled job creation, and we are confident that NIMP 2030 will help further develop the sector, making Malaysia a global leader in aerospace manufacturing and services.”

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